About TLA

Technology Law Alliance is a specialist IT law firm focussed on the fields of technology, outsourcing and e-commerce

We advised a company using robotics to teach children in schools.

AI & Robotics

We believe we can offer you the best service possible by concentrating on what we know best rather than dabbling in other areas of expertise.

We can guarantee you the attention of an experienced lawyer. TLA has been in business since 2003 and our lawyers’ CVs are peppered with leading technology and outsourcing brands such as Capgemini and Sun Microsystems and top law firms.

Our streamlined business model means that we keep our costs low. We don’t have armies of junior lawyers to keep busy, so we don’t need expensive offices to house them. That means that we can charge you less while guaranteeing high quality legal advice.

Clients expect good legal advice when they pay for outside counsel but we aim to go beyond that. We will give practical advice rather than indulging in academic arguments. And when you call us, we won’t start the stopwatch immediately, we will talk through your needs and then discuss the billing method that is most suitable for your business and the matter in hand.

Our Expertise

The TLA team provides answers and ideas, not problems.

Our Core Values

These are the values we work to as a firm...

  • Specialise: We are one of the best known specialist
    UK law firms for technology, outsourcing and e-commerce work. We don’t dabble in other areas.
  • Commercial: We are known for giving relevant
    practical advice not engaging in academic discussions.
  • Best Value: Our aim is to provide the best value for money offering in our sector, the best combination
    of quality and cost per project.
  • Account: We don't charge for a chat, but we do provide costs transparency and regular financial updates. There should be no surprises for our clients.
  • Different: We look for new ways of providing our services. We don’t wait for clients to ask.
  • The long game: We think about what’s beneficial for the long-term, investing time in client relationships that will last.

We are in a more comfortable place than we ever were with the previous outsourcing contract. When it came to the NMC’s next deal, a software implementation deal, Grewal and Ingham had no hesitation in calling TLA. It was a no-brainer.

Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC)