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We believe that you need to have been working for at least 10 years in a field of law before you can begin to call yourself a specialist.

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We are behind the contracts for next generation connected cars.

Connected Car

We've seen the dot.com boom come and go, the rise of outsourcing, and more recent developments such as cloud computing. Our people have helped business react to these challenges along the way bringing a pragmatic approach based on this body of work.

Technology has an impact on every business and organisation. Not only do we work for suppliers of IT and outsourcing services but also for companies using technology in their business or outsourcing services to
a supplier. Examples of sectors we have recently been active in include; automotive, construction,
financial services and retail.

  • Technology Contracts
  • Company Law
  • Human Resource Law
    Human Resources Law
  • Outsourcing
  • E-commerce
  • Data Protection & Privacy
    Data protection & privacy

Our clients

Our practice is flexible enough to meet the requirements of both major corporates and also SME businesses.

Major Corporates

We are experienced working as a panel firm for large organisations and we understand the constraints placed on in-house legal teams; pressure to keep costs under control, deliver legal advice that is relevant to the business and the need to meet internal deadlines.

All of our people have either worked as in-house lawyers or have completed long term secondments, so we have hands on experience of what is required.

First of all, we invest our time to discuss and understand the needs of the business, we don’t have a “one size fits all” approach.

We can agree specific engagement principles, work to internal contractual policies (or help develop them) and use regular bespoke reporting processes.

Because we are specialists we are not constantly trying to cross-sell other departments to you and we are happy to work with other firms on your panel.

Our objective is to be an extension of your in-house legal team, not to compete with it. The biggest compliment we get from our larger clients is when the internal client cannot distinguish between us and the in-house team.


We understand that picking up the phone to a law firm might not be top of your to do list. Perhaps you don’t know what to expect? Maybe you’re worried about how much everything will cost or that your enquiry wont be big enough for us to be interested.

Don’t worry, we’re not typical stuffy lawyers, we’ll probably be much more interested in talking about your business than giving you a spiel about us. Once we’ve understood what you need, we will give you an idea of what the legal issues are and how we can work with you to deal with them. If its not our area of expertise, we’ll tell you and we will probably be able to recommend someone suitable.

Once we’ve had an initial conversation you’ll probably want to go away and think about things, and maybe we will have agreed to come up with a fixed price for some work.

If you want to go ahead let us know and we would set your business as a client of the firm. We will then agree some next steps and get going. It’s pretty straightforward.

If you are an SME looking for legal advice in the technology sector we think we are the best option out there. You could pick up the yellow pages or use your existing firm, but lets face it, when you start talking to them about source code escrow you might get a blank look.

You could try one of the big firms that do have the expertise, but if your work is not generating enough for a £400 per hour partner, you might find that your business is not a top priority. We represent a good balance of being able to offer you specialist experience usually only found in the big firms, at more cost effective rates, and delivered by people who understand how to work with smaller and start-up businesses.